Love with classmate at the age of 16

Love with classmate at the age of 16

Hundreds of classmate girls at the age of 18
Just friend of the boys when the offer of love comes
No one is united as it should be.
Classmates get married at the age of 18
Even if they are qualified, the boys get the title of childhood.
For a relationship at the age of 20
What an anxious yet classmate girls
Laughing, 5 years senior in front of him
Praises brother.


At the age of 22 when the girlfriend’s wedding serial
The society still says boys
Honors’s “baby boy”!
When girls are almost 24 years old
The boy’s fight is about to end
Get started!


Whatever the intoxicated frustration,
The boy who doesn’t have his own moves
As if you have to think many times that if you don’t have income, you will get married
No. He also has to take responsibility, family, wife, child!
One thing even if I can’t find anyone in silent crying
Reminiscent of society, relatives, family
Dibe- “What does the boy do?
Established? ”

Hundreds for the last girl of the Honors Masters
Even if the family gives the option of marriage,
The boy has only one option,
“When will I get a job again?”

One of my older brothers was very close to me
Said “love doesn’t matter with money”
However, a few days ago I heard that the brother is his sister
Looking for a government-employed boy.
To settle siblings by job or
The house is a little stronger than the father’s hand
The age of decorating has passed, the boy
Not noticed.

After so long a little prosperous, able to run the family.
If you look for a beautiful girl, many will say,
“Hey, old guy greedy again
Find the little Maya too! ”
After marriage
Thinking about family and children
Migrated abroad alone!
Or school and college in the child’s city
Thinking alone in the mess.
Maybe the workplace is far away from the family.
Dad, that boy to brighten Ma’s face
Dreams start in childhood, youth of struggle
And the future of the child even at the last age
The battle to make it brighter is not over.
Yet this society says- “Ah!
How independent the boys are!
Even after doing so much
Girls say “boys don’t know how to love”