Medical college will teach… How good is the lungs without yoga?

Staff Reporter: Lying on your back with a pillow on your chest and breathing hard. Hold for 5-10 seconds, without breathing slowly. Such exercises are very beneficial for Corona Virus patients. Yoga will be taught at Yoga Naturopathy Medical College in Belur. He was supposed to start college in August. The doors will open at the end of the year due to a slight delay in construction in the COVID-19 situation.

Tushar Sheel, president of the State Yoga Naturopathy Council, said yoga and naturopathy degree courses would be taught at the college on the premises of the State General Hospital in Belur, Howrah. The trainees will show the general public how to increase immunity through yoga exercises. Corona kale which is absolutely necessary. With the launch of this college, the students of the state will be able to do degree courses in yoga and naturopathy in their own state. They will also get job opportunities in government hospitals. Renowned physician Kshetramadhab Das said, “Yoga is very important at this time. Emphasize this to increase the strength of mind and body after the corona sufferers recover. It is also effective in increasing immunity. ” Especially when many people have to work at the computer for a long time sitting at home, back and muscle, nerve pain is increasing. Doctor Kshetramadhababu thinks that their yoga practice will be very useful.

Meanwhile, the State Yoga Naturopathy Council has organized several events on the occasion of International Yoga Day (International Yoga Day 2021) on Monday. Council President. In the words of Tushar Sheel, “International Yoga Day has been observed in all 22 institutes of the state in accordance with the Covid Protocol. A special function was also organized at the Bidhannagar Central Ayurveda Research Institute on behalf of the Centre’s Ministry of AYUSH. ” Dr. was present at the event titled ‘Stay at home with yoga exercises’. Deepasundar Sau. Prominent kidney disease specialist Dr. Pratim Sengupta has organized a special event. This eminent physician taught the mantra of healing the disease through mindfulness.

Most people have become accustomed to the ‘work from home’ culture in Corona. I have to work on laptop and computer for a long time while sitting at home. Many are suffering from back pain. Renowned physician Kshetramadhab Das said that this year’s theme of International Yoga Day is “Yoga to stay well”. In his words, “Astanga yoga or hot yoga relieves back pain quickly.” He said that yoga is also very effective in increasing digestion and controlling diabetes.