Numbness of the limbs is a symptom of a serious disease, find out what the experts say

If you lie on your hands for a long time or keep your feet on the ground, you feel numb. But it is not right for it to happen again and again. When I go to work, my arms and legs become numb. If this happens again and again, you have to be careful now. This can be due to multiple sclerosis. This problem can damage the myelin sheath of the nervous system. If you suffer from this problem again and again, it is very important to go to the doctor.

Numbness of the hands or feet or any part of the body is sometimes normal, but not daily. If you have thyroid, diabetes, stroke and many other diseases, such numbness problems also occur. However, if this happens again and again, it is wise to consult a doctor.

Prolonged pressure on a part of the body can cause temporary numbness. According to experts, if there is too much pressure on the nerves, then no feeling works in that part of the body. That’s when you feel faint or faint.
Massaging the area for a while often reduces it. If it does not subside after the massage, then the experts think that some complex diseases are nesting in your body.

Even in the absence of blood circulation, the limbs feel numb. When the blood circulation in the body is not proper, it affects the veins, due to which our body becomes numb when oxygen does not reach different parts of our body properly.

People who are constantly working at the computer, their hands and feet feel numb due to typing. Prolonged work on the computer also affects the wrist nerve. This same problem can occur even if you sit in one place and use your mobile for hours.

According to neurologists, this may also be due to neurology. Nerve damage can cause severe pain and irritation anywhere in the body. This disease can be caused by an infection or age.

According to experts, this can be the result of an infection or physical weakness. It can also sometimes be due to a serious health problem.
Excessive alcohol consumption does not cause any pain in the hands and feet. This is because excessive alcohol intake causes the cells to start working, which makes the hands and feet numb. This problem can occur even if the body is deficient in vitamins. Lack of vitamin B12 can cause numbness in the body.

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