There is no doubt that Indian cuisine

There is no doubt that Indian cuisine is one of the favorite dishes of the seven seas and thirteen rivers. In various shows of Masterchef, the spice from Indian food has caught the eye every time. But this time it’s not just the taste of the food, it’s a different feeling. MasterChef Australia contestant Kishore Chowdhury presented the novelty of panta rice and mashed potatoes as the final dish of the competition in front of the judges.

Competitors have been amazed by the different seasons of Masterchef many times before with the different dishes of Grambangla, a little unique touch and plating in a beautiful way. Kishore Chowdhury named his dish “Smoked Rice Water”. With the potato-mash, of course, a wonderful combination of fried sardines and Italian salsa on the side. Kishore himself was quite optimistic about this dish. It is his favorite food and it is not common to find such food in any restaurant with him. Enough to captivate the judges. They have rarely seen such delicious, simple but very spicy food.

Panta rice is a food that is sincerely dear to Bengalis here and there. Its taste is incomparable, most people in India and West Bengal are not deprived of this taste at all. For the two Bengalis, it is not just food, it is a great feeling to get rid of all the fatigue. Potato-mashed potatoes, onion-lemon-chilli with panta rice, this taste rate suits many things. If you notice a little, you can see that most of the time on a hot day to keep the body cool, Grandma used to arrange panta rice.

Many people also like fried aluvaja, or fried hilsa fish or egg omelette. It is nutritious and delicious for less money so panta rice is considered as the food of poor and working people at various levels in rural Bengal. It has different interpretations and names in different parts of India, “Paita Bhat” in Assam, “Gil Bhat” in Bihar and “Pakhala” in Orissa.

Although the name does not come, but panta rice – this nectar does not share the taste! Kishore’s smoked rice (panta rice), and potato-mashed two Bengalis are like a combination, the beach has caught everyone’s attention.

Updated: July 27, 2021 — 3:04 am