When to exercise? No time

You don’t exercise because you don’t have time. But as you know, regular exercise keeps the body and mind well. What is called zero-size is also. Nowadays jogging, swimming, cycling — all these are going on. Everyone in the tea room talks, you know, not at the health club today to meet with Rhea, he said.

You fell into a room. What to do then? Yes, no problem. There is a solution to this. No time? He is nothing. Just five minutes. Yes, five minutes out of 24 hours is enough. Run vigorously in the morning or evening in a nearby park, or on a little secluded street. That’s enough for the day. Sleek body or zero-figure, you will get everything you want. Thinking, this is an exercise again, friends will laugh when they hear it! Oh no no. So what do you do raw work. This is not a bizarre formula for your brain.

The New York Times (July 30, 2014) says a wide-ranging survey on exercise and mortality has found that just five minutes of running a day can significantly reduce abnormal mortality. Their risk of death is at least one-third lower. The average life expectancy is at least three years longer than those who do not exercise at all. That means staying away from diseases, difficult illnesses. The mind is cheerful. The benefits of exercise, based on thousands of audit reports in the 2006 Federal Physical Activity for America, suggest walking at least 150 minutes a week for good health. However, the same benefits can be found by walking or running a little harder. The five-minute race a day came from there. If you can’t walk for five minutes every day, run for five minutes two days a week and 15 minutes for Friday-Saturday, you are perfectly fit. Find out some more tips.

If you don’t have a regular exercise routine, start exercising slowly. In the first week, run two minutes a day, then five minutes of moderate walking. Next week run three minutes, walk three minutes at a moderate pace. Keep an eye on whether the body can take it. If the pressure falls, increase the speed more slowly. Get used to walking slowly for five minutes a day for a month.
2 Keep weight under control. Prohibited food made in fried, trans fat.
3 Run in clear air. Problems if there is more dust.
4 23 hours 45 minutes a day for you. The remaining 15 minutes are not yours, exercise! If you calculate in this way, no matter how busy you are, 15 minutes of exercise a day will not be difficult.
5 If you are older or have heart-lung problems, consult a doctor first.